NDP preview + Randoms

Time to have some updates on my blog. Been a few days since i touched my com. Now im not used to seeing my small laptop screen , compare to the big screen at work. Last weekend had been an enjoyable one.On Fri i met baby up for dinner and at night, i accompanied him to the cage because he wanted to kick soccer. Not very bad i must say. Haha.

Can you spot him? :x haha

And on Saturday.. Thanks to Tan fei.. Dear had tickets to NDP 2012!! He got another ticket for my mum and the three of us went to watch together. It was raining and the weather was really bad. But for the freebies... We endured! Endured through the bad weather with thousands of people lining up to go in. It was a great experience though, queueing with dear and mum to enter. So when we got the goodie bags, immediately we wore our poncho and walk to the stadium and settled down. It was still raining.. But i did managed to snap some shots from my view

The view is very pretty from the floating platform. During the march, Dear was like trying to find his friend but of course he couldn't. But anyway, the fireworks were still ok. After the parade ended, many people were trying to get across to marina square. All of were walked to marina square from another way, trying to avoid human traffic but still.... we manged to get cross. Then, dear drove us to united square to redeem our nutella go! I bought 3, gave one to Dear while i kept the remaining two. It was nice cos i just ate them in office today :x

Our nutella Go!

Somehow these few days, i love visiting arcade to play. Dear followed the craze with me. Street Fighter! Hahahaha! And also, basketball o.o Basketball is not my forte but dear likes it. We played together to over beat that score at plaza sing. Gosh! Im feeling so proud suddenly haha. Anyway, post a photo for our victory

See the difference!!

Since working life begins, how i wish i can still be the same as past, meet dear up for a whole day, walking with him, eat with him, enjoy life with him, watch movies... Its kinda difficult now but im sure we can always work things out. I love you dear.. Im so looking forward to this 5th month anniversary.. Tml is friday! TGIF baby!

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