New Job + Punggol Marina

I started working on last wednesday. I've been working for 3 days so far. Workload has been quite manageable as i had to learn new stuffs n knowledge. I have new colleagues and more are coming in :) so far eveything has been good. I have great bosses who are very nice to us.

I missed the days when i only had to go to school, complete my work and meet up my friends. I miss my carefree days which all students have. I had not got used to my working life, the 8 to 5 norm in the generalworking world. The new people u meet and have to see them 5 consecutive days in a week. Its different from going to school and see your classmates for 365days! The feeling is totally different! But you just have to get used to it.

As my working days are fixed, weekends generally become very special n precious to me and dear. Though there might not have many activities for me, i just like to hold his hands and walk side by side with him, even it is just a normal park. Staying by his side gives me an unexplainable feeling of blissfulness. Even washing car together is fun! Tired is tired but if our time are being spent together, i feel satisfied :)

Today, dear brought me to toa payoh and visited grandma with me. After which he brought me to buy my container from togoyo :D after getting our stuffs, dear drove around and we ended up at punggol marina! We player arcade!! I like to play arcade but mum did not let me visit that place when i was young.. Perhaps now im old, i can freely access to acarde anytime and that explains my liking for it. For the second time, i won the game of street fighter, leaving dear losing his game badly.. Not only that, i continued to the next few levels to compete with the computer! Im strong! Tell me that im 强! wahahaha.. But im bad in basketball. Dear is an accurate shooter. After finishing our coins, dear drove us to the man made reservoir before heading to katong to have our dinner at Everything With Fries.

Dear, i know that we had spent our time fulfilling today. I dunnoe for the next few months.. Or even years .. We have how many free weekends.. I hope that this will not pull us apart, but pull us closer to treasure our time together. I love you. I am very very happy today.. Cause i have you for the whole day :) A day of us :)

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