Birthday 29th July 2012~

Since elvina is so busy with her work, i shall help her update our blog. as we promise to update this blog tgt to serve as a memories for us in the future to reminiscence. However, this post will only have words cause all the photos is with dear, although we did not took much photos. :X

Anyway, on Sunday, i met up dear in the morning to celebrate her birthday.. Just the both of us.
We begin our day with Dark Knight at The Cathay Platinum Movies Suites. As we did not have our lunch nor breakfast, we order the 3course meal which include a salad, a main course, and a cake and also a drink (although they get our order slightly wrong). The food is not bad and we brought the drinks and dessert into the cinema to watch and eat tgt. The seats and experience is better than GV gold class in my opinion as i do not feel itchy and they segregate couple better as i feel more private with dear. :D However, it is not advisable to watch long duration movies cause the comfort will make u sleepy.

Afterwhich, dear begin to feel unwell due to certain reason but she insisted to continue what i have planned. So, i brought her to 313 Somerset for Fish Spa at Kenko. It's expensive because of the service and the free using of internet and halfway thru, she really feel the pain and so we left halfway even though we did not finish the treatment. She went in to the toilet while i went down to collect a bouquet of sunflower which i have ordered to surprise her. But i did not know the seriousness of her pain till she came out of the toilet and her face looks pale and she feel like vomitting. Immediately, i brought her home to rest. Sorry dear.. i shld have bring u home earlier before u really feel unwell..

So, we skipped our third activities which is foot massage at Bedok Point. I get information from my friends that they are good and as dear have to walk to work everyday, i thought that it would be good for her.

After resting and sleeping for an hour or so at home, dear feel much better and we proceed to have our dinner at Changi V hotel at La Cantina in Venezia. After we reach that place, dear seem to feel uneasy about that place because it is not something she would likes and i am also disappointed. It is an outdoor/ alfresco dining (also have indoor). I read online that the place is beautiful with good scenery but when we reach there, everywhere is green with some radar and a portion of the sea and airplane and even small insects flying around. We also joke about that most comment is 5 to 7years ago and maybe the trees have already grew tall to block all the nice scenery. However, we are kinda of satisfy with the main course which is Linguine Al Granchio and the Tropicana (hawaiian pizza). The pasta is my favourite while pizza is dear's. Hence, i would recommend u guys to take the window indoor seats instead unless u guys really like big nature. haha.

Although everything is not going smooth as what i have planned and expected on that day, i still spend fruitful time with my dear and hope she feels that too.. Love u dear and happy 1 year older!! :D


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