Happy Birthday my dear...

Happy 23rd Birthday my dear.. You are older by another year but every year u are becoming more and more pretty!! So, dont feel bother by your age cause we are still under 18 years old from our look!! Proven by cinema staff, casino security guard, and some stranger and ur collegue too!

For the past few days, i only met dear for alternate day because either i have work or she had to work, unlike the past when we meet almost everyday. But its okay because we are finding times for each other so that we wont neglect each other.

During these few days, we went to Chinatown to restock some necessity like shampoo, facial stuff and etc, dear went shopping alone during weekend when im working, we had very nice curry rice at her house (cooked by her mum), and watched ICE AGE 4 which is a very funny show.

As for today, i ask dear to come along to join my collegue at buffet town for dinner cause dear's mum is not cooking and i dont wish to see her eat alone. Sorry dear for making u angry and upset because i bu dong shi. I know i shld let u spend more time on your work, to concentrate and excel in your work to finish all your work before coming to join me. I will compensate you on 29th July. Bring you go relax and enjoy life. Although nth very significant / special but hope you will like what i have planned for u..

Love you dear, and may all ur wishes comes true.. <3

Happy Birthday Mummy!
wei wei is also here to wish u happy birthday wor! :D


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