Once again~ Happy 2012 to all my readers here. 2011 had been an awful year for me and for people who are looking for a new life like me... ... A Toast to you!! I am one of you too! I had been keeping myself busy for the past one week. I ended my work on the 26th Dec just after December and there were a whole lot of activities waiting for me. I might be blogging for a few times today to recall what happened over the weekend. 

As everyone close to me knew, i had received an awesome present from my love one. On the day of Christmas eve, i was invited by wei xiong... to go to his friend's house for a gathering. It was last minute and so i went after work, in my black attire. I thought i had to spend Christmas alone at home rotting but my dear just asked if i could go over. I could not ask for more. I wanted to join him. There's lots of fun at Shu Juan's house and i left my jacket there accidentally. After the gathering ended, he told me: Thanks dear, thanks for coming even though you don't know my friends well, but your presence made a huge difference to me. *sweet* (爱死你了,dear!).

On the 27th, we met up again at Itacho Sushi for Tee Peng's birthday. Small boy in his clique as he celebrated his birthday the latest. Happy birthday to you. Make you become more handsome with six-pack each year. Erm.. does all guys wish for 6-pack like wei xiong does ma? But anyway, no harm wishing him in this way right? Is there no guy who don't want 6-pack? o.O
Happy birthday Tee Peng ^^ 

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