On the 30th... ...
A precious time with him... ...
We went shopping together on this very day! In the morning, my dear came to pick me up from my void deck. I was afraid that he couldn't recognise me and was like staring at me the whole day. Not only in my short hair, i was in sneakers and shorts with loose top. His eyes were like stuck on me cannot move. he said he don't wanna anywhere already, see me is good enough O.O But anyway, we had our lunch at plaza sing Manhanttan Fish Market then we went down to far east to find my new years clothes and top. While wei xiong only wanted to go to G2000. After much walking here and there, i still couldn't find a suitable dress that i wanted and so we headed down to taka to G2000. I picked some shirts for him and made him try on almost all that i picked. He is quite picky on clothes and discriminate 'ah beng' clothes a lot :x In the end, he finally decide one a short sleeve shirt and a long sleeve shirt ^^ While at evening, we took our dinner at the wild honey, where my babes brought me go the other time. I don't want to mention too much about what happened over the dinner because it spoilt our appetite a lot.

A night, we rushed down over to the Singapore Flyer and we were shocked to see..
and more...

It was like about 9pm already and these people are so excited about sitting singapore flyer. Its like a few days  before the countdown and people were rather excited about this. Or maybe half of the passengers were like us, waiting to get rid of the expiry tickets :x Haha, alright, back to what happened.. We joined in the queues and waited patently to get into the capsules. Dear was asking me if i wanted to drink bubble tea and i said YES! WAHAHAHA! He ran all the way to the ground level to get some water and kachang putei for ourselves. He needs to bite a lot because he has an itchy mouth. *munch munch* We took some crazy photos inside the flyer and we are just like kids, running here and there -.- like idiots. But i enjoyed though :x And him too :x After an hour of waiting, it was finally our turn to get in the capsules and spend 30minutes in the air. The scenery was very eye-captivating. The lights, the building, the reflective sparkles of the Singapore river just compliments each other. It was a perfect view of Marina Baysands as well. How much more beautiful can it get? And yea.. we were still running about in the capsules in the random north-south-east-west directions to get a night view of CBD. After the trip, dear sent me home as usual ^^ Thanks dear, u been sending me up and down even tough i can see that you are tired physically. 
Some photos Taken :
Yes dear? Hmm? O.O
Where is my food *Waiting* 
Dear expression of expensive bill O.O
Singapore Flyer ticket on my hands ^^

Inside flyer le YEAH!
Serious chatting with mum *Do not disturb me*

Finally, that's the end of a day for 30th December 2011 ^^

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