On the 28th and 29th , i spent my time with my mum... ...
♥ you mummy! 

On the 29th of Decemeber, i had decided my choice. After so long, contemplating over and over again. I finally knew what i want. A short hair. Wei xiong had been telling me to cut my hair short until he gave up nagging at me. Over what's apps, i did not tell him about trimming or cutting. I wanted to give him a surprise ^^ My reasons of cutting hair. 
1) I am sick of my hairstyle, feels like im stuck in my life, not moving out of anywhere.
2) I want to start afresh in my life, new chapter, new stage of education.
3) Wei xiong like girls with short hair
4) I want people to see me as a new person, looking forward to my life... ...

My old hair
Do i look different? ^^

I like my short hair, its been ages since i had tried a new hairstyle. Not only i 脱离 my old look, i like my haircut, my dear likes too and my friends all accepted me in this hair. Thanks for your nagging wei xiong :P ♥ I finally did it!

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