Just a heads up on the different stages of your SIA interview if you are going for your Air Stewardess Walk In Interview this month… either in Singapore or KL.
Stage 1: 2 Interviews to 10 cabin crew hopefuls.
In this stage, 2 things can really happen. First, you give a self introduction follow by answering a question posted by the interviewers. Second, the interviewers will give a question whereby all will try to answer.
Stage 2 – Cabin Crew Skin check round
In this stage, a draft skin check will be done, together with height and weight test. Main thing to look out for is if you have any scars, tattoos, blemishes or overly tanned skin tone etc
Stage 3 – Game Round
In this stage, you will be split into 2 teams to play a memory game.
Stage 4 – The 1 to 1 interview
This is the round where you will be seated 1 to 1 with an interviewer. He will ask you questions about your background and also post some situational questions to you.
Stage 5 – Kebaya Round (For girls only)
In this round, you will be asked to put on your kebaya and do some cat walking. In addition, there will be more skin checking done. Once you get pass this round, you will be ask to go for your management round.
Stage 6 – Management Round
This round is probably the final hurdle you need to clear. and its a 2 interviewer to 4 cabin crew hopeful round. Questions and exchange introduction will be posted for discussion. Once you clear this round, you will be asked to fill in an employment letter.
Final stage – Medical review
As the name itself speaks… this stage will be about medical. It is to determine if you have any major illness and if your body condition is fit for flying. The x-ray scans will take about a week or 2 to process and if you don’t receive any news from SIA about your application.. then.. congratulations… get ready to receive a call from them to come down for contract signing.
Good luck ^^

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