There's many many things i want to blog about but i have been slightly lazy (tired) to do it. My sis got ROM with Darren on the 1st Jan 2012! They had picked an auspicious date for their ROM! Dear came looking for me early in the morning though he had went home the night before at 2am. At 9am in the morning, he was already there knocking on my door. At 10am, the makeup artist came and helped my sis to do her bridal make up. My sister was too damned hot and pretty on that day :x As me, i was busy choosing dress, doing my normal light makeup and dear was there disturbing me the whole while too, asking me which one he would wear -.- As i was too busy making-up, he was there changing on the spot, but i wasn't falter :x I don't want to disfigure my pretty face :x
My pretty sister ^^

Her ROM took place at chui huay lim club at keng lee road. The solemnisation was at 1pm while the lunch started at 1.30pm. Food were delicious and we managed to take a few photos of them. Here, i will be uploading delicious foods, beware!

There are many other photos but the slow uploading of photos just make me lethargy. Dear was also busy helping out us for that few days that he got himself into a very tired state. In the morning he had to come my house, drive us there, take photos for us, drive my ah po and aunty to their destination before drive me home. He bathed at my house and rested only for a while before meeting up my ex-fyp preps. Happy birthday Angela! For her birthday falls on 1st jan!! Me and dear bought a capital land voucher for her and hope she can buy her wants :) Too bad we did not take a photo of it. 

Im so thankful to my dear for being so sweet towards me and my family. It a very shagging 3 days for him but i can feel that he is happy as well. Muackz dear! :P Im like getting too old to say this on net.. i better blog such mushy things lesser on blog:x

My school reopens today and it was also the very 1st appointment dear had with the dental. He had not gone to the dentist for ages and he was kinda excited for this o.O I accompanied him go to the dental which i visited , to do some scaling and polishing for his stained teeth :x After polishing, i saw a huge difference to his teeth!! No stain marks, no food particles !!  Such nice teeth was being exchanged for $45. Its worth it dear! Dun brood over this $45 already :) Handsome ! Haha... 

And ohoh!! I also went to JB with dear last week! Oh mine, it was my virgin trip to jb with him alone sia! And i was very surprised that my mum actually allowed me to go with him! We set out early at 10.30am and went all the way to kranji to take the bus to custom and into jb. So excited!! :D We had lunch at swensen (i know its normal but the food there are obscenely cheap!!) and dinner at sushi king! Sushi king was totally cmi and it was a total waste of money if u are ever going to visit there!! For that whole afternoon, we shopped and eat around JB  Lots of fun walking and shopping together. For the next time, we are going to go further away from city square! :D Let's go there again dear :x

I also met up my poly 5 flowers last week to have our exchanged gifts for christmas !! I got a L'occitane hand cream as my xmas present and that is also what i need too. I also have hand cream from dear. Suddenly so many hand creams :x haha. We catch up from our last meet up and topics are evolving every time we met! Now its all about houses, marriage, graduating, jobs, and our future life. In the past, comestic, fashion, hair, friends and boyfriends were topics that we were familiar with. But now, changing topics just tell us how much we had grown over the years and leaping into our adulthood's. Time really flies but friendship still remains..

Here, im going to still upload few photos and say a brief description behind these photos :)

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