I have yet to blog on the 31st of Dec and 1st of Jan . My sister was getting ROM-ed on the 1st of jan 2012! May my future brother-in-law love her more each and every day..
On the 31st of December, i met up my dear to go shop shop around town area. He gave me his whole time to let me shop to my preferences anywhere and anytime. He even carried my girly sling bag around so that my movement was not tied down when choosing clothes. Girls, he is very sweet, isn't he? We combed around bugis and end up getting a sweater for myself. Finally in the evening, sister wanted bear to fetch them to timbre at the arts house to celebrate her 'last day of singles' party. It was hell lots of fun and laugher there. We got a very good seating, sitting just directly in front of the live band. My cousin sent in a message, dedicating the song to my sister- marry you by bruno mars. It was a pretty nice song. Still playing in my head O.O Haha. Dear was kinda of excited and nervous meeting up my cousins. But of course he managed it well while i introduced him one by one to my cousins. Surprisingly, my cousins whom he had met before, could still remember his name. I felt rather happy that my cousins noticed his presence so he doesn't feel left out ^^ Loves cousins ^^. Future brother in law opened a wine for all of us to enjoy. The alcoholic content was high and dear was like keep telling me : Dear, you are drunk. But in fact i wasn't :x Just feeling a red flush on my cheeks and ears burning haha. After we ended our activities at timbre, dear rushed us down to chui huay lim club to see the setting for the rom for the next day. Though we were late, and very late, the room was still unprepared as they had just finished their business for the day. We ended up helping to do the setting and everything, arranging the tables and chairs with our hands. Dear also had to fetch Darren back to riverwalk to get some tablecloth because the club did not provide certain designs. My dear xin ku le, 
My cousin :)
Our guys :p
Ladies ^^
My sis and future brother in law

Of course, this blog is not complete without the photos of the crazy us :x
Dun disturb me when im reading newspaper :x 

 Our nice photo ^^

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