Week by week things changes and so as my activities. Last week visited the isetan private sales on Friday with ceyi and i bought up to 200 bucks! I bought my biotherm pack for myself and for my dear too. Expensive but worth the price. What's more happy is that my dear is happy  ^^ All the more its worth!! :D On that day too, i gave him my handmade x'mas card. Too bad i did not take any photo of it :( Hope u like it wor bear ^^. Anyway, he already started using which is good, as for my, the original pack is still on my table. Untouched.
Then the next few following days, me and ceyi went back to school to settle our admin stuffs. But first! We went shopping at orchard early in the morning haha. We bought quite a few items :x After going to school, i met up my babes at wild honey at Mandarin gallery. Wild honey really served breakfast whole day. There's toast, egg, beacon and cheese and morning breakfast stuffs on your platter.
Then after working 3 days, i had my off on Monday again :D
By the way me and dear went to watch ghost protocol at the Cathay and the movie started at 9.45pm. But whats worst was that we entered at about 10pm and the movie started at 10.30pm. How late can it be isn't it? By the time dear sent me home was already 1am? Roughly? Thanks to the delay in the movie.
On yea! Taking about that Monday... I and mum went out shopping on that Monday and she bought 2 shoes at a go! It was raining the whole day and it somehow affected our shopping habits. But still, it was a nice day out. As for my dear, he went to JB with his colleagues and i believed he had enjoyed too. Too bad i wasn;t there. He was hoping for me to go but i couldn't. I will go with you one day and i'm very sure! Hao ma? :( Don't angry with me :( And today, i went to find bear after my work. He was utterly tired to even speak and chat up a convo with me :( Poor boy. And he came all the way to accompany me for my dinner. Just hurts to see you so xin ku :'( And after dinner had to go school. And what's worst was that i made him took the longest route with me which he could have been home earlier if i hadn't gone to find him :( Sorry dear. 我真的把你累坏了。。。So guilty... :(

At faceshop !
Crazy receipt!
Meeting up with my pretty babes at wild honey. Honey honey~~
Eating at Swensens on a raining day!
Modelling with swensens tag :x
A die-for guo tie at chinatown! 
School student buying gong cha at scape before the movie starts
'This is your main x'mas present', as my dear says. Seriously, by just looking at the wrapping paper, i have totally no idea what's inside and what he has for me. He is someone who is ever ready to surprise me with presents out of nowhere de. In fact, its makes me happy that he has put in a lot of effort to surprise me with things which i am not totally prepared for. I really appreciate his efforts in doing all this for me :) He was also telling me : Dear, 我觉得自己太强叻,可以包成这样. Yeap yeap! You are very 强 i know arh ^^ Haha. In the end i opened... i saw..
My personalised calender for 2012. Its real pretty and a beauty! I had never own a calender with my own face before haha. Such a unique idea, only he can think of it haha. Very interesting and special isn't it?  :D And... he says.. its printed from Australia! I think its really expensive... im definitely going to use it wisely with care. Thanks dear! :D
Hand cream with collagen :p Bear has been hearing complaints from me since the start of my work
Me: Dear, 我的手好干喔!你看!在aircon room 就是这样,看起来很老!
Bear: Aiya, 不要做工啦,不要做工啦!在家最好!手又不会老。。。
Me: Huh~ 没做工没钱啊!你要给我 $60 阿?
Bear: 给你啦给你啦!不要做啦!免得你一直complain...
Yeap, but in the end.... i still get my hand cream haha! He bought it for me from JB! Haha :p, 

Ok la late liao! Time to sleep le ah small boy! Later you wait for me until u sleep also haha. Nites everyone! I shall end here abruptly 

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