Im trying to apply my lip balm see what's this little naughty boy do! He copied cat my actions! I was really trying hard to put on my make up properly. But I love this shot. Shows the mischievous side of him :P
I love my silbling but we are not the type that will say i love you to each other. But we know it and can feel it. Though we always have fights and arguments, we will be always talking to each other the very next second :x
My sister and my future brother in law! They had been together for 3 years before the relation blossomed. My future brother in law is a very patient guy and good tempered person. He willing to give in and treats my sister pretty well :)
The ring pillow that me and dear got for Darren and my sister. We took quite a while to comb around Singapore, looking for a nicer ring pillow and ended up getting this for them as our present to them :)
A surprise from the Wang Family! My cousin ordered this cupcake but to our horror, these were delivered to the wrong address as the delivery man had mistaken for the wrong address. It was supposed to reach by 2pm but it was delayed until 4pm where just nice, we were almost done with the lunch! But nevertheless, it was a surprise to the couples when the cupcakes arrived! Cute isn't it? ^^
 Met up with poly preps and had our dinner at ajisan! A good meet up on 1st jan . Thanks wei teck for endorsing my mango bag!
The girls! Happy birthday ang! Was feeling amazing that our fyp bonds are always so strong despite the occasion meet ups!
My Fyp!
My 3 years of life in poly will be boring without them. 6 years of friendship and still counting... ... 

 Our first JB trip !! This was taken on the circle line mrt train and we took a photo for memory. It was the 1st time travelling withdear alone to JB. A photo worth to remember!! 

Dear eating cake even after dinner!! Thumbs up!!
See this packet! Does his look familiar to all of us at this age? I couldnt afford it when i was young and i could not get to eat it. Dear bought for me at malaysia. Was very happy though haha. I ate it but it was not very up to my standard, but if this were to be given to me in the past, i will definitely love the taste of it. 
Dear worked night shift and was tired tired throughout the day. He had to find time to spend with me, accompany me which sometime made me feel that im not doing enuff for him.. Here, he is sleeping on my bed like a log but somehow wei wei was lying on top of him nicely. This photo is not ugly dear.. No show ur face.. dun worry ^^

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