So nice of Playmate to help me post this morning ^^ Thanks dear! I fall asleep the moment i jump on bed :x Indeed it was a tiring day yesterday. Playing the rollar coaster 1st was never on my mind but because dear had not played before, i tot that we should play 1st before having our lunch ^^ But who knows... dear got frightened. I always tot he sat roller coaster before, but i never knew how his roller coaster was like. His face was like O.O after we had completed the ride. Our tears just rolled out due to the effect of strong wind and speed T.T Fun isn't it? The aftermath of roller coaster. Shiok! Haha. We visited almost 99% of the USS! Chasing and looking out for mascots to take photo with. We will go back if we have the chance ^^ Waiting for transfomer!! Tada! And also, the neil princess is so pretty OMG! Her gold eyeshadow and clothes and exposing clothes. Sexy! And in refering to dear post about the monster rock's  mummy.  I was telling him : Dear, you see, the mummy! Her breast so big so bouncy. ooOOO! Sexy! Well, but he just kinda give me the 'diao' face and his expression was like asking me: Where are you watching my dear~ -.-|||
Oh and also, through USS we were splashed many times -.- Water is free at USS. A short post here! Haha, i enjoyed yesterday the most!!! Taking awesome photos and those attractions at each stations!

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