I can't wait for exams to be over! There's lots of things i wanna do after i grad/ exams. And i mus pass all my exams! This sem the papers are getting out of control! Even topics that weren't taught were tested in examinations. Yes i know there's a lot of independent learning in uni, but we trusted our lecturers to give us the correct information on topics for our exams. There's goes my 10 marks! But anyway, i left one last paper. A 30% examination. Teacher told us to focus on few topics only. But who knows what kind of questions will appear again? Though i have yet to plan the activities what im going to do, i know im down with work after a few days of rest.
The things i wished to do:
- kite flying
-maybe some hands on stuff again :)
-going johor to shop !
Haha, this are some i though from randomly. Maybe in the end, none of these are fulfilled..

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