Mum was admitted to hospital yesterday to have a tumour removed from her lung... Her opt was today and it lasted for many hours. Her doc operated on 2 patients at a time. Mum's opt was a total success. She came out of opt thratrea at 4.30pm before she was being pushed to ward. Though mum had already finished her opt at 2pm, she was forced to lie at opt room because hospital beds were full. And so we waited. Dad accompanined her since morning 8am even before she entered the opt room, until now. Its a toll on his health. Just feel that a family is only complete with the pillar of the family..

Naughty boy don't need thanks me arh, since i can't catch it for you, i bought it for you ah. Though the effort of buying is not as much the effort compared to winning it at ufo catcher, i hope u will still treat it good and well for the efforts of buying it :x We watched Tin Tin yesterday. A very cute and funny show. But the movie only screened half of the story, we are all expecting part 2 to come soon. Many activities await us ^^

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