Another week has gone by and im had already started work for 4 days at tangs. Today is the card member day and many customers just irriatated me with there: Miss Miss~~! And yea! The whole place was crowded and noisy. People chattering and walking about around the store and me, carrying heavy things in and out of stores, going to storeroom to climb like a spiderman to get the empty boxes on the top shelving. Got a few cuts on my right hand as well. Just hurt when the wound touched the water T.T I had to intention to stay until 10pm but i can't go cos there were still customers coming in for last minute stuffs and me being helpful, stayed on to help out. My legs were tired ot and my arms were sore and pain from carrying those bulky items, opening cartons and cartons of boxes but still, we did not hit our target for the day. Well, i did my best and i really did.
Tml i will ask my aunty if i can leave early since today i work 1 hour later.

Dear is very nice to me. He will find me whenever he has time and he sent me go work today ^^ Even though, its just for a little while, i am really touched and grateful that he gave me his personal time. As today i worked till 10pm, i ask dear to send me home as im really tired from working 10 hours and standing for 9 hours. But in the end, i walked all the way down to cinelesiure to buy mcdonald. Dear came all the way from camp to fetch me home. So happy!! so dote on me :P Muackz :D I also wanted to buy gong cha for you but too bad gong cha was close by the time i reached there :(  But still, i fed him some fries otw home ^^ happy happy! Thanks dear, muackz ^^ love you :p

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