Im so now into holiday mood! Gosh ! And i have one more paper to go on wednesday. It is an afternoon paper at 2.15pm to 5.30pm. I had already asked ceyi out after the exams and we are going to head down to orchard for our own purposes. Im gonna get myself a small bag :x Dear is confirm going to nag at me :x  Ceyi also going down because she has some stuffs to settle. Last weekend was also packed of activities. On saturday, after my studies, i met dear up for dinner. We went to eat the long awaited punggol nasi lemak at kovan. The queue was horrible when we reached there. There was a line of people queueing up to buy the nasi lemak. And we queued too. People were buying like few packets at a go. And the nasi lemak was expensive.
After eating nasi lemal, we went to eat beancurd at selegie road! Omg ! The beancurd is also delicious. The you tiao is so smooth, and crispy and the beancurd is also very smooth, jus like my skin :x In a go, we had 2 delicious meal for our dinner. Satisfied. And after tt went down to play the ufo catcher. $15  gone into the sea. Dear, we should have take 15 bucks go see show, go eat or even play arcade right? Its $15 bucks, i can buy my small bag too. Aww... $15 ...
On sunday, I met my fyp preps out because me and xiong had yet to pass him ang bao money for his birthday. We chipped in the amount for his keyboard as it was the easiest way to help him get his beloved. We went to eat good food in the morning!
The dim sum are nice there. Wei teck did all the ordering and we just ate to our hearts content. Its quite nice but the service wasn't that good. We ate it at chinatown. After eating, we went down to sing K!! As usual we never failed to sing at mount faber safra. Its almost had become our fave usual spot for singing.
Yeah we girls! After singing, wei teck and shiqi and angela had to get home to study their exams. So left the both of us, of course, we spend quality time time together right dear? :x Dinner was simple as we settled our dinner at pastamina! He ordered baked rice and for me, i had spaghetti. And after which, we went udders to eat.
Our usual writings as well. Its been quite a number of times when he brought me there to eat. I just loved their snicker and mars combo! Dear had his peanut butter creams and kit kat. The peanut butter jus taste ewwww... Not suitable for me :x And end of the day, he sent me home. Happy happy day!

And what's make me more happy is that he is bringing me to the USS. USS stands for Singapore Universal Studio!! Yeah!! Happy Happy!! He read my blog. And obviously he did. USS is increasing their ticket fare by another $2 from 19 nov. Xiong bought the tickets yesterday and the tix cost him amounting to 100 plus! Expensive right. He worked so hard for himself and i like that spend his money.. So guilty.. and the $15 from ufo catcher.. Im so excited about the USS day on this thursday!! My god!!  ^^ Thanks dear, thanks for making my wishes come true. And with you, it seems to be so impossible to not of coming true, except for my ridiculous dreams of course, other than that,  u are like a Santa clause to me ^^ Muackz! Thanks dear, for treating me so good :P
Thanks dear :P
This is our ticket! Of course there are two papers. This is the preview :x 

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