101111 Virgin Trip to USS!

Our Short Story in USS :)

 Today is a very tiring yet happy and fun day for me and my dear. Being worried for the past 2 days whether it will rain or not, it turn out to be a very good weather over at our destination - Universal Studio Singapore, which dear wished to go since few months ago or even longer than that. and i heard that east side is raining heavily when we were enjoying our day! phew!

Tada! Our destination!

Surposingly, we are able to redeem our $10 retail voucher but as we do not want to waste time finding where to collect it, we just went in straight to start our journey!

We start off with our first destination - The Hollywood - where we see many classic shops which sells souvenir, soft toys, cups, etc but we decided to skip first as we are more concern with the rides in case there is any changes to the weather. On the way to the ride, we saw the first Mascot of the day - BettleJuice whereby we went to take photos with him! haha.. and also, there are some very vintage car and we choose 1 each for ourself!


Then, we walked past the New York Street when we also decided to skip those indoor attraction first.

Finally, we reached the Sci-Fi City where my first Roller Coaster ride begin. I did not try before any roller coaster before unlike my playmate and OMG, it's really scary.. There are 2 types of ride to choose from - Human or Cylon. After securing our bags and stuff at the lockers provided, we went to try the most scary one first which is Cylon where we will be turning up down left right as the ride moves at a speed of 82km/h in the air! Its fun but scary as it will remind me of Final Destination! :X haha
After that, we went to the Human one and yea, it turn out to be slightly less scary as u wont be turn upside down and your leg can rest on a platform although the seats only secure ur leg part.

After overcoming the most scary ride in USS, we continue our journey to The Egypt where by we saw 2 mascot (Scorpion King and The Neil Princess) and dear is like saying the Princess is so Pretty! hmm.. ok.. :X
Then, we walk past this attraction call the "revenge of the mummy" which is like an indoor roller roaster and its in the dark. We decided not to try it as we do not know what will happen inside. But if there is another chance next time, i believe we will try it! right right? :D

By then, we were already hungry but decided to complete the Egypt first before going for lunch. so we went to the "treasure hunt" or something like tt the ride and we regret not bring our cameras along. After that ride, we went to The Lost World "Discovering Food Court" and found out that the food is ridiculously expensive and so we walk all the way out to have our lunch at......

This is what we ordered!

Now its gone! :p

After our lunch, we decided do something more relaxing so we just went to see some performance outside the Monster Rock and also went to New York City, the "Lights! Camera! Action!" to experience special effect from a "film" and we also saw and took photo with several mascot like Betty bob, Woodpecker, Charlie charpin, and a very tall guy at eygpt. Poor dear for getting wet inside the "lights! Camera! Action!" attraction..

After our food had digested, we went to The Lost World where we played the Dino Soaring follow by the Canopy Flyer. Canopy Flyer seems to be very popular as there is long Q and the guy do not allow us to enter the Q at first.
Dear's grumble face

But after we walk around the place and taking some photos, we went back there and were allowed to enter and within 15mins time, we were able to take the ride and it was relaxing and fun..

After that, we went to the other segment of USS - Far Far Away
We went in to the Shrek 4-D Adventure to experience 4D effect which include "ah chiu" on your face, "spider" tickling ur leg (which dear did not feel it), wind blowing from the seats, "riding a horse" and a special vision specs is also provided before entering the place.

Our last destination of the day will be Madagascar. We went to take the 2 rides namely A Crate Adventure and Party-Go-Round and just nice, we saw the mascot for the Madagascar which will appear at 3:30pm so we Q up to take photo with them! *i like to move it move it!* :p

We completed our whole journey at around 3:50 and so we decided to go back to the WaterWorld at The Lost World which has a show at 4:00pm and its also one of the highlight according to the brochure and indeed, its worth to go all the way back to watch tt although there is some delay due to technical fault.

Although we have walked 1 round around USS, there are many places we did not go yet so we went back to those place to play those ride, patronise those shop and also to find more mascot to take photo with! :D
Ended our whole journey at Hollywood with a musical play at MONSTER ROCK!and dear is telling me of the Mummy.........*cough cough*... nice one ah.. lol.. What we regretted was not able to find shrek and princess fiona to take photo with when the people over there was telling us that they did appear just now!

Dear, its ok! next time when new rides and new mascot come out we go again ok?
Although we were dirty and tired, we enjoyed ourself very much ya? i enjoy a lot having u beside me and hope got more chance... our next activity will be kite flying? :D
i shall end this long post with our photos! :) muackz!

Dear's pretty Neil Princess

Far Far Away!

Dear got new BF T.T

Your Fav Madagascar Char - Alex!

First Party-Go-Round with u :)


HSH - tired~

Must keep hao hao wor! Muackz!

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