I never thought that shopping can be so fun with you.
When you encourage me to try on,
when you tell me that 'this dress' is nice,
when you give me your opinion on the dress on me,
when u adjust the dress for me,
when you helped me take note of dresses that might accidentally exposed myself,
when you put urself in my position in getting an appropriate dress for the photo shoot,
I am just so happy :)

The reason i asked you because:
I want you to look at me.
I want to tell you that beside the photo shoot, i can wear out with you
I want to tell you that your opinions matter a lot to me
I want to tell you that I want to look the best for you
I want to be your prettiest girlfriend to be

 The reason is simple: Because I want to dress up for the guy i love.

Yet i was afraid of:
The boring walk from shops to shops
The long wait while trying on
Wasting time when tried on a lot but did not buy at all
The boring routines of choosing clothes
And the opinions you gave but felt worthless when i did not choose the clothes of your choice

It may look simple but these are what girls will definitely mind when shopping matters when shopping with their guy. And especially me, the tired look on your face just aches my heart. Sleep early dear, we watched a nice nice super movie today. Sleep tight k? Muuacckkzz 


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