I promised to upload some photos online of what happened over the past weeks ^^.
We were queueing up at cold stone for our ice cream after a day work at Tangs. Dear had been looking up for me to have dinner with me. But for this very day, we went to try out cold stone as we had wanted to eat everytime we travelled past. Just some random shots we took. There were a lot of people queueing at night and it was very noisy with loud speakers booming at my ear drums.
The guys are making our ice cream! They are just practically throwing my ice cream into the air and into my waffle. Just so scared that it dropped on the floor. 
Our delicious ice cream waffle! Its worth trying!
Foodie foodie at bugis !
Yup yup, using his hp with such a serious look while waiting for our food to be served haha. Wondering what he was typing at that moment haha.
This is my big big christmas present! Thanks dear! My 1st ever big big huggable rilakkuma !! This rilakkuma cost him of my 5 days pay while he just spend it like this. The moment he just keyed in the money and the sound of approval, my heart just aches for him. This bear is 110cm and have yet to weigh him. I love hugging him to sleep. He is rather heavy though haha. My heart aches because dear is so willing to spend this 300 bucks on me. 300 bucks lei! Jasmine told me with 300 bucks can buy Tiffany and co. Haha. Nevertheless, i love wei wei haha. Say hi to my wei wei: 
 Wei wei :P
Hehe :p
Thanks dear for my early christmas present. 
Our manhattan wahahaha! At bugis Illuma!
After visiting my mum at the hospital, i begged dear to bring us go to orchard to look at the christmas lighting. He always agreed to bring me go even though he was very tired. We walked about the quiet orchard road and into ion. In and out of shopping mall haha. He even piggybacked me along a distance. Am i too demanding and harsh on him? :x No wonder he kana bullied by me until become so skinny T.T 
Mr. Lim said i looked like monkey. Am i???

Last but not least..... 
My jay chou album bought by my dear! Muackz muackz muackz!!:D A pretty box with keychain and book! Thanks dear, but! Don't anyhow spend ur money again ah! 

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