I have yet to eat my breakfast much less to say to drink a drip of water. My mum still cannot be discharged because she still has fluid in her body. Work has been bored me down , n tying me down to prevent from staying too long at the hOspital. I wanna blog yesterday in fact but i was just too tired to on the com.
As usual, i went to visit my mum at hospital after work. Thanks to my dear, i can comfortably sat his car to visit my mum after Standing for one full day. My dear was tired too, esp he had to wake up early in the morning tO go work and find me for dinner as usual whenever he has the time. I am really amazed by his will power to stay awake for my sake while i happily told him tt indid not want to gO home but drove us to orchard to lOok at the x'mas lightnings. Over the week, i had also received my xmas present! It was a big rilakkuma with a height of 110cm! I named him wei wei haha. He is now lying comfortably on my bed, takin up the entire speace of my bed. Now i slept on him everyday. Damned comfortaable! Haha, i shall continue my post from here again with photos. I had reach my station

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