Genting Trip in April 2015

Happy Birthday Xiong! You are 26 this year. Passing 25 means you are approaching 30 soon. Well, I hate to say his age now as I am the same age as him (means I'm approaching 30 soon too).

As mentioned in my previous post, we went to Genting for a short get-away to "celebrate" his birthday. As it was his birthday month, he was entitled to 2 free nights stay in Genting Resort Hotel. He booked through his mobile and ta-da, it was successful! We booked our coaches through Transtar as they are the only travel agent company which will bring you up to Genting Resort Hotel directly. (Most of the coach buses will only bring you to Mushroom Farm before taking another shuttle bus up to Genting Resort Hotel.

Ready to set off at 6.30am

There was no jam at all and soon, we reached Yong Pin. Most of the coach buses will stop by Yong Pin for breakfast and toilet breaks. The tour guide gave us 20 minutes break before setting off to Genting. We rested throughout the journey and after 6 hours, we reached Genting Resort Hotel at approx 1.30pm. Immediately, we went to the Lobby to check-in. 

We stayed the same kind of room as the previous trip.

We dropped our luggage and off we went to walk about. 

The shopping mall was rather empty on the Friday afternoon. We walked about the mall aimlessly and finally, ended up in casino, exploring. While Love was queuing up at the counter to reset his pin for his card, I went to the nearby cafe to have some snacks.

The teh tarik and chee chong fan were really nice!

At 7pm, we went to the bowling alley. Love said that it is an illuminating bowling alley at night and it would be pretty cool to play under those lights. 

We had 2 games, but I was totally trashed by Xiong. Let's see his score ya... ..

Do i even need to explain further?

I have to admit that he is good at it. After which, during the night, we spend our time at casino, donating money to Malaysia... ...

On day 2, we went to watch The Avengers. We bought the tickets at about 10am as we were afraid that the tickets would be sold out. But before that, we went to Starbucks at First World to have breakfast.

The tickets were really affordable. One normal ticket cost RM16 while one premium ticket cost RM21. The difference in normal ticket and premium ticket are the seats. Premium seats are blue which occupied 2 rows from the back while the the normal are red. Premium ticket entitles you to one set of free popcorn, snack and choice of your drinks. 

The only way to cinema.

It was a good 2 hours of The Avengers before we head to casino for more. 

Day 2 OOTD

Our trip was over in a blink of eyes. We spent our time in casino more than anything. Though we did not win , but I believe you definitely enjoyed our stay there >.< 

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