A Day at Singapore Zoo [Short Post]

Going into my mid 20s, it has been a great experience. I had became an aunty to my newly born niece. My niece is few months away from 1 year and it was really sweet to see her growing up everyday. Last 2 weekend, my sis brought us to the Zoo, bringing along baby Eng for a walk (she is too young to understand what are animals).

Where are we going?

She woke up early in morning and we can see that she is falling asleep. As we were early , it was easy to find a parking space. The zoo wasn't crowded until afternoon. We settled our brunch at KFC before we explored the Zoo.
Family photo.

And entering the zoo.

I had not been to the zoo for ages. Firstly, it is very far. Secondly, it is not convenient. Lastly, I wouldn't want to cook myself under the hot sun. My memories of zoo was only tiger, hippo, tiger, lion, i wouldn't remember much what other animals we have in Singapore Zoo. 

Cooking himself under the sun

The weather was seriously hot that Saturday. There was no breeze, no clouds but only the scorching sun. We walked along the trail, with the umbrella on my hand, sheltering both the mother and daughter. As the weather is hot, I can barely see the animals anywhere. Most of them are either sleeping or taking shelter from the sun. Most of them didn't bother to entertain the tourist and we were looking at their ass most of the time.





Can you just imagine how many animal assess I took for the whole day? Otherwise we were trying to look for the animals in the enclosure. They were hiding anywhere they can in the lazy afternoon.

At time, we took some photos as and when i could.

Dazing at the Hippo

Don't know see what see until like that

Happy biting her pillow

Realise you have chest ... ...

Looking at who is carrying her... ...

Apparently, this guy was trying to look for the animal. He has been standing there for a while, trying his best to look for the small creature.

This baboon was sitting at this position for 10 minutes, not even moving an inch slightly while all of was were snapping photos away. I bet he it hated it's afternoon.

We walked most of the trail, covering them all as much as possible. And when it was time for the show, we went to the amphitheater. Each show lasted for a rough 30 minutes. It was educational and fun, to see the animals putting up their best performance for audience. I can see how much efforts the trainer puts in for the short sketch. 

All of us preparing for the show.

I do not have many words for this post as I was just uploading photos and more photos. Well, photos can do a better job explaining rather than words. We ended our excursion at 5.30pm before going for dinner at Toa payoh.

Too bad no koala bears yet when we were there.

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