Happy Birthday Xiong!

Going to Genting was just a prelude to your actual birthday. I had been thinking what i could do for you on your birthday. Weeks before your birthday, I was shopping with my friends, jumping places to places, trying to look for a present for you. You had mentioned that you wanted a watch, an expensive one which is worth for investment. Oh well, i could not afford the one you want.

We walked from Mont Blanc to Gucci to Burberry, hopping from LV and finally to Prada. Ended up another blue clip wallet for you which i thought that you would like.

After getting your present, I was still thinking what I could do. As it was 2 days away from the day we were back from Genting trip, I felt limited to what i could do. Luckily, Linda managed to book a table for us at Hai Di Lao. I contacted your family before our Genting trip to ask them to make time for your birthday. The day before I ordered the Durian cake which turns out unexpectedly unpleasant somehow. It was a pity that your younger brother couldn't take some time off.

What was worst that I did not expect the heavy downpour. You had dressed up so perfectly but the rain kinda washed off every single effort you put on.

Happy Birthday Xiong!

And i am very glad that your family makes time for you on this special day.

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