Supply and Demand @ Somerset 313

Been to a few cafes these days but I have yet to share any of them yet.

Recently, i met up with my babes for a long good chat. After we met up, we realised that all of us were looking for a change in career after a few years in our current company, pursuing what we want.

We went to Supply and Demand as recommended by one of them and began our chats the moment we sat down.

Supply and Demand

A cosy corner at Orchard Gateway (connected to Somerset 313), we went there at about 12pm with no reservation. We were one of the few early customers who went there after 30 minutes of their opening time. 

They have wooden furniture everywhere.

In Supply and Demand, they serve Italian cuisine like pizzas and spaghetti. 

Took a page of Cichetti , which means snack or side food in Venetian language. The only page i took -.-

As the waitress mentioned that the potion would be big, we ordered one side, 1 pizza and 1 spaghetti. 

The calamari is thin and crispy.  A great appetizer *Thumbs UP*   

Pizza base is thin and crispy too! We ordered something with four cheese. It is pretty good too!

Aglio Olio is tasty but a little bit spicy. If you can take on a little spicy, aglio olio will be a good choice. If i were to go back, i will order this again!

The 3 of us managed to finished all the 3 dishes without wasting any of it. It filled up our stomach so perfectly that we were able end our meal with a Tiramisu. 

The 3 of us shared the Tiramisu too! Well, girls love to share don't they? 

Tiramisu was well done but the coca powder was a bit too thick that it chocked me a little. This happens whenever I had Tiramisu haha. 

The food is good but I felt that it is more on the pricey side. However, apart from the food, they have good environment for small gatherings, which might explain the price. If you want a place for a chit-chat session, you can consider Supply and Demand.

Last but not least, posting a photo of my friends who shared the foods with me.

Supply and Demand
277 Orchard Road
Orchard Gateway
Tel: 6702 6218

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