Miss Molly's @ Tanjong Pagar

I was obsessed with rainbow recently and surprisingly, rainbow become so easily available in most cafes in Singapore.

I went to one of the cafe at Tanjong Pagar during evening. I was looking for dessert to satisfy my sweet tooth until their rainbow cake captured my attention.

Cosy cafe

It was not crowded that day but most of the patrons came in pair. It was pretty comfortable to slack in for a few hours, chatting with your friends, winding down yourself after a hard day at work. 

It was a small cafe, I took photo of the whole cafe in one shot.

 See that comfty sofa >.<

Xiong order 2 cakes and an Oero drink. But seriously, i am only there for the rainbow cake.

I was never a fan of Red Velvet cake. I remember the first time i had velvet cake, I was on the verge of vomiting the mouthful of cake O.O But after a few tries, i would love to try more velvet cakes from different cafes. The ones from Miss Molly's is good, I like the frosting and texture of the sponge cake. 

Well, well, this is THE ONE which caught my attention. This rainbow cake was sold out within half an hour but luckily, i had one slice. After one bite, i concluded that the rainbow cake was better than some of the ones i tried in other cafes. I like their thin layer of the sponge cake. Some of the ones i had was too thick and too sweet that it tasted more like carrot cake than sponge cake. Also, the cream wasn't too thick or too sweet.   赞!!

It was an enjoyable Friday night!!

Tucking into my food >.<

If you love to try their cakes, go down to

2 Craig Road Singapore 089663
Tel: 6222 2671

Mon- Thur: 12pm - 11pm
Fri - Sat : 12pm-12am

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