Thank you Eurustech!

It's my last day of work today and I am leaving with sadness, yet feeling excited about my new job as well.

I had been with my current company for almost 3 years. It is my first job since my graduation and I was one of the pioneer staff where there were 4 of us initially. We really worked hard to make a company look like a company, with purchase of stationary, with setting up photocopier machine, buying storage and setting up email for staffs etc. It was a simple company operation with the 4 of us. 

As the operation was simple, we could report things directly to our bosses, without much problem. The both of them were very nice and would take us out for lunches almost every week. We would get to choose what we want to eat and my bosses would drove us to the place despite the distance. My boss also took us to Taiwan in 2013 for a company overseas trip, to yacht for our company anniversary and experience many different kind of foods in Singapore. 

I have 5 lovely colleagues who we could joke about during work hours. They were very nice and would offer their help physically when needed. As our age gap wasn't too far off, we were able to find common topics to discuss and work wasn't boring. 

But after 3 years, I made my decision to leave, hopefully for the better. But definitely, I missed my jovial colleagues. Goodbye is never a goodbye, because the memories we shared remains.

Thank you , Eurustech family!


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