What's love?
i have been asking myself this qns and what i found online is : An intense feeling of deep affection
However, it's you who made me realise a more detailed definition of love..

To me, Love is...
Patience - when i will wait, no matter how long it takes, for you to accept me ..
Never give up - although we have to end after 1 month after 090711...
Supportive - be there for you when you are not feeling good..
Commitment - spending time tgt even when we are busy
Sacrifice - the TIME, to see you from everyday to less than 3times per week
Happiness - having many memories we share... jb trips... fly kite...
Understanding - your busy work schedule (still improving on this...)
Sincere - to plan everything to the best..
Silly - laughing over silly matters
Fun - going difference places we have not been to
Surprises - birthday celebration, anniversary
Forever - planning our future... BTO... Savings plan.. 
Caring - taking care of each other physically and mentally
Communication - talking about work, general stuff and listening to each other
Going through thick and thin tgt - from 2011 -> 2012
and the list go on.... rather than just a simple "feeling of deep affection"

Dear, i am not good in words but would like you to know that i can do anything for u if its within my capabilities.. hope our memories will always be there till we are old..
Specially write this post for u before i go to bed...Nites nites.. love you.. muackz...

bleahx... :p

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