Another start of the week. 4more days to weekend. Yong sheng wedding is coming on this Sunday. I got to prepare Ang bao soon haha. His girlfriend and him have been walking for years since. If I am no wrong, even before I know him since the poly days. I believed they have gone through a lot.  And to their very day, I know both of them held each other tightly till they are apart.

I'm happy for them.

Then again, there are people who don't treasure their relationship until they lost the other half. These people had taken their another half for so granted that they thought the other half will be their for their rest of their lifes. I had once thought that too. But sometimes times just make everything clear to you. Is the life I want, the life I want to live forever with him? To forever feel inferior and made him feel that I can't live on without him? For him? Withstand and say sorry for all the mistakes that he did whenever words are twisted? I had enough. And so I made my choice. There are people who frown and supported my decisions. Then again, when things did not turn out the way they want, they got hatred, revengeful. Yes, all my friends know who the person I'm referring to is.

I do not have to hide or do anything, but maybe just share some mini miny photo with my friends. I believe photo tells more than a thousand word. And the reason why im doing this is not to destroy his name or whatsoever. If i wanted to do this, all of the messages have been published long ago. All of it.

The reason im doing this is because i had gave in too much to all nonsenses i had put up with. I did not make a single noise or squeak a little to this man who have been sending me 'weird' messages.

I HAD ENOUGH!! You f*****!!

Ladies, if a guy threatens you like this, leave them for good, for every woman deserves a good man to dote on.

I am 'message-ly' abused. Perhaps this form of abuse is kinda new and interesting for iphone n android made messages free. Haha.

I have limits to my patience. 我不吭声不代表我是只病猫. You have yet to see what i am capable of. Don't test me.

This post is not children any younger than 18. I am just here to vent my frustrations out of what i had bottled inside. Elvina hasn't changed a bit.

There again, dear is having his school now. Good luck wor! Muackz! :p

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