Graduations shoots!

I will try to make it a habit to blog at once a week. Time is getting tight and im getting tired from work easily. Work requires me to think and know what im doing. Its not very stressful yet but requires some thinking to get things done.

Last week my babes and i had went to garden by the bay to take some pretty photos of ourselves. The weather was very hot. Adding on our grad robe is just like adding heat to our body. All of us were sweating and sweating. But at the end of the day, we managed to take some pretty photos of ourselves. Mum was there with us too, as she had never been to garden by the bay. We walked with our umbrella opened under the hot sun.


We finished the photo shoot by 1.30pm and we called a day. Girls have their activities and so do i. Dear met me at suntec. After driving mum to toa payoh, we headed home as i wanted to bath. Then we went out again to return my grad. I got back my $150 haha. Happy :P I did spend all in a go of course, i still had some money till now. 

We had movie at Saw after returning gown. Step up is a nice movie, they have nice moves, good story lines, but what i like most was their choreography. Their dance was awesome. I don't mind watching again because their music and dance were like in sync. 

As for last week, work is getting relaxing since our company monthly transaction has ended. However, boss gave me some other difficult task to do. He wants me to build my customer based from scratch and learn much more. And tells me that i have to handle almost everything  on my side if my master is not here anymore.  

Dear had his off days during weekday and he drove me to work during one morning. I was so happy to see him :D Very seldom he will have the chance to drive me to work because my workplace is so near. On last thursday, i met him at town to have marche for dinner. He didn't look happy like his usual self. Seeing him moody makes me moody too. But i will always try cheer u up in every way. Muackz

Right now, he is working night shift. He will get his off day tomorrow. Just a moment ago, we were eating raman at vivocity. While walking, someone called out my name. I was surprised to see Bryan at vivocity, but with another guy o.o Ceyi is still in taiwan, happy hour haha. 

Dear is working now, hopefully he has the energy to cont his work till tomorrow morning :( Jia you baby.

 Love you baby!

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