Just a simple post...

hi dear hi everyone!

I am here to update our blog. i cant be like u update once a week but i try update a post once a month? :p
Yesterday was my off day but i did not get to rest because i have to help my dad settle his car issue till 3+ 4 and after which take a quick nap for an hour and went to meet my dear..

We had a simple monday by having our dinner at Din Tai Feng and order our usual xiao long bao, fried rice, pork chop and vegetable. After which we went to catch a Singapore Movies call "Wo Men Bu Wan Mei". I personally feel that this show has too much 内心戏 which show the expressions and emotions of the actors. Not a very terrible show but neither is a very great show.

Although its just a simple day, i still enjoy it with my dear..
grumbly face.. cheer up!
no matter what happen, you are still my dear.. love u.. :)

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