Hi dear hi friends! A good day to all of you :) Thanks dear, for uploading an unglam photo of me. The photo could have been better.

Let me tell u all how he ended up with that photo. He took a nice shot of me initially n photoshopped the photo as usual. But dear wasn't familiar with the buttons and he accidentally deleted it. So after a while he went to take 2nd photo of mine. I was still smiling for the photo but the same thing happened. He accidentally deleted my 2nd photo.

Just nice the food came and i started eating. I was hungry x.x Dear wasnt satisfied. So he took another photo if me while eating. I frown at him for deleting my past 2 photos. So, at the third shot, i ended up looking like this.

Today dear came to find me at work, after he ended his shift at 3.30pm. He took about 2 hours to travel , but he was still early. Our company knocked off at 6pm since big boss was not around. Time has never been precise :x Dear waited me at the entrance if my building but i only saw him when i reached the bustop. He walked home with me. Mum cook nice dinner but he didnt prefer lotus soup. He drank it still under grandma pressure. After eating, i told him to rest on my bed because he looked way too tired. After 30 min of sleep , he woke up, started lecturing me on btt when i flipped open my book. O.o then, at 10pm, he took a bus home.

Are you home yet my dear?

Tada, a nice photo of you

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