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Oh yes! Its Wednesday finally! Weekend is coming.. How are you guys doing?

Right now, im masking. Dear is working right now and im here relaxing. Don't get me wrong, dear started his work late today , so he has to end late.

Thanks dear .. For blogging once a while:) All things need maintenance. Just like blogging, weight, face :p and love. Xiong played his part to maintain our blog, just like how he maintain our love.

It hasn't been easy for me for last one year, facing my past relationship and new one. That was why we broke up after one month and started again this year.

We started afresh.

He was a different person whom i know initially. As friend, he is someone who is shy, quiet. For people who know him enough, he is someone who is can joke with, play with, talk a lot and a good listener. However as a lover, he is matured, serious, not lacking any of his qualities as a joker and a good listener.

Right dear, many other factors encompasses love, not just deep affection. That was only part of it. As couples, we guide each other and work together hand in hand, to maintain relationship, bringing out the best of your loved one. It was easy to say but how many of us could actually do it?

I know i failed previously. I was not matured enough to see most of those that dear had mentioned in previous post. Its only in failed relationship i do see what was wrong. He taught me what should be correct and how it should be. I do not want to end up like what happened in my 1st relationship.

It was a painful experience.

As i grow older, i see that love takes many forms. Your lover not only plays the role of lover, but as your companion and friend as well. Someone who will really be there for you when you need him, a good listener, a soul mate and someone whom you see as your home. Not as a refugee camp but a man who can protect you from harm.

If a man gives you a home to stay, the woman provides the warmth. Nothing is perfect if one of them is missing.

I think i have kind of understand what love is :) Thanks dear, for showing me how it looks like.

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