Entering Workforce

3 months probation period is over. Hopefully next month i know that i will be confirmed by my boss.

Time flies. And now we are reaching near end year. Looking back on what i did last year, i could still remember clearly. Last year was the start of my 2nd year in RMIT. We went school as usual , took exams and work for my aunty during holiday. Now that i look back, life as a student wasn't that difficult isn't it? We've been through the hardship of being a student: handing up assignment on time, getting to the library to find research material, stay on com 24/7 to get assignments done, travelling from east to west for school, getting up early for school. My life in uni wasn't much happening as poly. Uni life in Singapore wasn't very much expected to be fun or exciting. All day we were just thinking to pass the assignments with good marks, and comparing ourselves with other students.

But when im working now, i missed my days as a student, where i can get student discounts for foods, movies and shopping. I missed the days where i have my off days during weekdays. I missed the days when my afternoons are free. I missed the days of a carefree life without to think how to deal with people or talk to them in a matured manner.

Life has changed.

Last year, i broke up a 5 years relationship with my ex and at first i though i was crazy to be so hard hearted. But thinking back, i think i will be crazy if i hadn't done so. I met someone better and tell myself that everyone deserves a good man and a good woman.

Last year, my sis graduated from MDIS and i was happy for her. I wasn't there at her ceremony as there isn't enough tickets for me. But after her graduation ceremony, mum had to go to hospital to do her operation . It's her third operation and i hope that things will get better for her every year.

My parents are aging. Over the years, they did many things for us, giving us home, shelter and love. They gave me some survival kit such as education certificates and cooking skills and many others.

In fact, we are spoilt. But spoilt in a different way. My sister and my brother don't really ask for branded clothes or bags, a pink bedroom filled with hello kitty stuffs, a television in the bedroom, neither do we ask for a single bedroom for all of us. Mum and dad gave us the basics for living conditions. And i felt it was good enough. When i think about dad is reaching retirement age next year, i  had just flash back that i was a little kid, asking for mcdonald breakfast every sat morning after tuition. I still had my digimon with me now since the day dad bought for me. I kept in nicely and its still in good condition.

When i saw the card which my parents written for me on my grad day, i suddenly felt that i had grown up and i know they did their best responsibility as my parents. Now its time to do something for them, things that i am capable of, to do something for them in return.

People could say that its the parents responsibility to provide everything for their child. If they gave birth to you, they must give you everything because the parents owe their child's life. This is just bullshit and only nonsensical people will think of it.

I believe people from my age will feel the same as me.

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