Landed up a job!

I went to an interview on last friday and i.. Got the job straight away! Its near my house and i was paid averagely. The two bosses look quite decent to me. It was a newly set up company so there wasn't info i can find on the internet. I wonder how my first day will go.. In 1 day time! *Nervous*

Yesterday, my family and i had went to mouth restaurant at city square mall to have our afternoon tea. I had bought a $50 voucher online and had finally used it all up yesterday. The food there was still alright but the custard bun did not come though we had ordered 2 plates of it. After finishing our meal, all of us went to ah po house. Ah po looks pretty good and good when there's many people around her. She is just not herself when i visited her last few weeks.

After that, sis, darren, me and dear went to bedok point to sing K! End off the day with dear's kiss :x

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