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Another week past. Im still jobless. I will be go for my fourth interview tomorrow and have no idea how many more interviews are coming up. Dear encouraged to me go for more interviews to gain more experience on answering their questions.

Last week, dear and i went to watch this movie: Prometheus. If you had read the synopsis, i guess you will know what;'s the story about. I had expected something better out of it but... it turns out to be the other way. Most importantly, i really couldn't link those incidents logically. It is totally MNS: Make No Sense. At all. Felt that i had picked the wrong movie and wasted dear's $20. We shall catch a better movie soon!

On our way to watch that show happily!

Before catching our movie, i met dear at orchard to buy my clarins moisturiser. Thanks Dear!! For the moisturiser ^^. Im so happy to be using Clarins back again. The lady was generous enough to give me lots of samples! And of course i asked her for toner for Xiong too :x Hehe. After that, we had our dinner at Eighteen Chefs. It was a simple and yet delicious dinner. Dear had it the first time and he was satisfied with the meal.

Our dinner!

Days after, i went JB with my mum and dad on Saturday. Its been a long time since we had gone out together. Been years,,, years since we went out. Mum had wanted to get more coffees as our stocks are low. So that day, we took a cab down to KSL.

We had brucnh at some hong kong cafe again. Say cheese to the camera!

Mum and Dad!

Almond Tea! Its nice

The next day, i met dear, have a day out! Was very happy to see him.

Me and dear

We went to eat desserts at chinatown!

We ordered a lot of desserts and ate to our max. After eating, we went to bedok point to sing. There's a promotion call the postal code promotion. People staying in east and central has privileges. Just present your postal code and you will enjoy $12 nett from 7pm to 10pm. Cool right! Haha

Today is another JB trip day but this time, i went with Xiong and his colleagues. We did not take a lot of photos because all of us were enjoying ourselves so, less hassles if none of us took photos. A day to eat and shop in JB. We had Bak Kut Teh for brunch at a very famous place (But i don't know where!)

Dear and his friend

Few hours later.... Its tea break time!!

OMG! So sinful!!

On the way home was a tiring and lng journey. Crossing the customs is already so tiring, but what's more tiring was travelling back to east area. I was totally worn out, while waiting for bus, walking to bus top and more walking. Dear was tired too. He was moving back and forth, right and left on the bus with his eyes closed. While im there to pull him in case he fall off the chair. After he had awoken, he put me on his chest so that i can rest and of course, running his fingers through my hair to comfort me, which i love most. Thank for everything my love. Muacks!

 Taken on the way to Kranji mrt this morning. Love you sweetie! Thank you <3

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