advance mini 4th mth celebration

Happy advance 4th mth anniversary dear..

It's been 4mths less 2 days ever since we officially started. Im glad and happy to have you and also u still feel that i love you as much as 4mths or even 1year ago..  I believe our love will grow stronger.. even stronger than the incredible hulk. :p

Anyway, my dear (elvina) and i celebrated our 4mths today just in case 3 days later, we dont have the time. She is busy finding job and catching up with her friends while me, busy working and dating with her. :X School is starting for me and i must work hard. no more last min study!

Early in the morning, i went to dear's house to find her before we headed out for our lunch. Her brother, Elgan, also tag along as he is going to Dhoby Ghout Exchange to find one shop and so, we had our lunch together at Cafe Cartel before we split up.
Afterwhich dear and i went to the nikon showroom to redeem our $150 worth of free gift.. We wanted to get 4 items but 1 of it is out of stock and dear was telling me "the promoter told me that showroom wont out of stock one".. okay.. we were scammed. lol.. Anyway, we got ourself additional hand grip, battery, and remote control and what we are unable to get is the lens hood.

After getting our items, we head towards vivocity and get ourself gong cha before we went outside to take some photos with beautiful scenery (with our new camera). We later on walk over to sentosa through the broadway and on the way, we also took pictures and enjoy the breeze.. :) finally, we reached sentosa and we are welcome by a very up there customer service which explain very detail on everything the tourist ask and very polite.. and in the end, we spend $1 to enter the sentosa and within 30mins or so, we took the monorail back to vivocity. :X

Wanted to bring my dear to PRIVE to had our dinner but in the end, it is undergoing some changes and hence, we head to marina square to had Sakae Teppanyaki which is dear's first time eating it and its nice i would say, especially the Foie Gras and Salmon, while dear thinks the Tepan tofu is nice. lol..

Last destination for us is Esplanade where we tried to take night photos but our camera fail us as batt goes flat halfway. Nevertheless, we took some night photos which looks nice on the camera itself but not on com. Nvm, we will figure out how to take nicer photos de dear! :D
Oh yea! btw, we also went to Harvey Norman, wanting to print one photos but it closes! too bad..

Im happy today. Really, although i may look otherwise to u.. Dear, i love you.. as much as 1 year ago.. :) I shall end this naggy blog with this..

*P.S: Took by iphone :p

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