Hua Yu Wee Restaurant

Dear celebrated their Father's Day on a weekday. That night, we went to Hua Yu restaurant to eat seafood. His elder brother order 7 dishes, including crab, chicken, yam etc. The food is nice and delicious. Its located at bedok area, as dear said, among those housing estate. It looks quite inaccessible. The waitress there are quite nice and helpful. ITs worth to go there to try.

Xiong & his mum! *sweet sweet*

His Mum  & Dad

Me and Cutie :x

Linda and Dear's brother

Me and Linda

Boys and mum

Family photo :)

The day after we had dinner together. Me and Xiong had a great exercise in..... Washing his car! Its my second time washing car with him. Now his car inside is very clean.. There's not much dust or rubbish. Outer car is definitely clean and shiny!  Too bad, the photo of his washed car is with him. Otherwise can see our shiny his car is haha.

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