Blogging has become my weekly activity somehow because i had too much activities to do in a week! I had gone for another round of interview on Friday, visiting my granny on Wednesday, visiting IT fair during the weekends, taking dinner at lau pa sat, going picnic with my babes on thursday. Im a busy girl :x

Dear and i took some photos on the bus while traveling to ah po house. Some camwhore activity going on:

All ugly photos haha. Ugly but cute, still worth to remember ^^

After which had a 2 hours visit or so at ah po house. Ah po had totally enjoyed the trip in Hainan Dao. Hopes she gets better each day and not being homesick. Ought to visit her regularly. But i will do my part for as i am able to. 

Tuesday is a day where i met my babes up for a lunchie! We had shopped around Orchard. I cant remember the last time since th three of us had shopping together. It was far too long that i can't even remember at all. All of us were busy with our schedules that we hardly had the time to meet up. But even so, we still remained the same :) We had crazy talks as usual, updating info of old friends. Nostalgic.

Yeah! Girls are girls, don't tell us not to take pictures, we will die!

Okay, Thursday was a picnic day but.... me and jas wore the same dress! God, Sisters. Just that she wore a skirt while i had my pants! 


Then finally on friday, i had another round of interview at Mei Ching working building. Hitachi Grande. For a moment, i thought i had entered into a good working environment but to my horror, its an insurance company. If any of you heard manulife , that's it. I first saw this logo and bangkok and i told my dear, dear you see! Its SIM logo. LOL, what a muddleheaded i am. Its only when im back in Singapore, then i saw this logo everywhere and realised it is not SIM logo. I think i had not been noticing the SIM logo at all over the 2.5 years. Its alright! I can recognise RMIT logo and that's good enough. Anyway, i did a personality test at the company and the lady tally up my scores. She said i had the material to be FP (Financial Planner). I have very skeptical view of what every singaporeans have on insurance industry. Though they earn a lot, the starting point is my biting point. Therefore, i had thought through. This job is not suitable for me at all. After leaving the place, mei ching walked out of her office and meet my at the building reception. IT was TGIF and she wore in a very comfortable clothing. Its been another long time since we met. If i were to work there, i might see her frequently. Anyway, i meeting my poly preps next tuesday! Our good old times at TP. 

On Saturday, Dear met me after he had finished his 24 hour of duty and 2 hours of sleep in camp. He accompanied me to IT fair because we had always been looking out for a camera these days. And since it was IT fair, it was obviously a smack in a face if we missed the offers at suntec. Before we even had our lunch, our appetite had been spoilt by this man:

This man, stole dear's car lot and still dared to raise voice at him. it was totally his fault but he said as if 'i am totally correct'. What happened was that dear had already on the hazard light, signalling to everyone that this lot was his. But there came this big fat car from the upper deck and pause behind of dear's car because he was reversing. As xiong thought he he needed more space to exit the carpark, he stopped his car, allowing him to leave safely. But who knows this retard just drove in, butting his face into the car lot. Imagining only his car was being in a totally different direction, don't he felt kind of special in a wrong way? Dear was so angry that he busted out of his car and confronted this man, but as what i said, this retard claimed this lot was his and walked off, not forgetting to take a photo of dear's car. I was kind of surprise towards this retards action. But what he did was not wrong, dear of course had the right to take photo of his car too. Photo might be blurred, but not to the extend that we can't see his face. See this face, irks me a lot. See his face i also can't sleep. Things would not had happened if he did not take dear's actions for granted. All xiong did was merely to let him leave safely but this is what we had in return. I believed he would have done the same to other people too. Drivers, Blacklist him!

Today, dear woke up rather early and started playing phone when i entered the room. Caught you naughty! He had work in the afternoon but he was so tempted to erm... .... :x Because he had work, he had to leave IT fair very early. He transferred me $700 and told me to pick the camera which i wanted. We finally decided on the nikon 1J1 model but the red had sold out which i wanted very much. But then the sales girl say, the coating will come off hahahaha! No idea if it is a good sign. So in the end, i bought the white one. Handsome right. 
I could had reserved the item there and waited dear to come till night, but he ended work at 10pm and it fair closed at 9pm. I have to linger inside for 2 hours before dear could come. So in the end, i thought it was a bad choice to wait till night. I carried the whole thing home. The cabinet weighs 6.7kg and on my 2 hands, i walked all the way to esplanade mrt. It is even heavier than the dumbell dear had in his house. I carried this to esplanade mrt, squeezing through the crowd, stopped and rested and continued my journey to the east. Carried up and down the escalator while many ppl looking at the way i was carrying. Then go to paya lebar station and headed one stop down to eunos. Took it to update ticket with me.... and F***, the machine did not work and so i carried the cabinet to the atm. This is the longest distance i had in my whole life. Backache arms ache, palm aches @.@ Yet i managed to make it home. Did not had my lunch today too. And i swore to measure the weigh when i hit home. But all was worth t because the camera is working well and the pictures are good. It was my first time reading the manual book of an electronic device. 

When dad reached home, he asked me how i carried the cabinet home. I told him: Mrt and bus. he was surprised of course, because he felt the weight too. MAN! IM STRONG!

Thank you dear, for the camera, i will use this to take handsome photos of you ok? WAHAHAHAHAHA!!

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