Job Hunt + Picnic + updates

My job hunting starts today. Overall comment: Job hunting really sucks! I reviewed almost each and every opportunity and sent out my resume accordingly. They have many different type of requirement like
- Mandrain speaking prefered
-Speaks japanese
- Any friends or relatives working for SAF (o.o)
-Class 3 preferred
-etc etc... ...

Until now, i sent my resume to whatever company except companies in the west and north areas. Its been a day, and i do not expect fast reply from them. Hope i do get a chance and be employed by end of july. Please, grant me this as my birthday wish :x

Mum and brother are finally back from Xiamen after 10 days. Mum bought us idol food while my brother, gave us none -.- But nevertheless, im glad that they came home safely. Darren kor fetched us to and fro from the airport and had dinner with us. We had our usual dining at Anston. After that, i bought a set of new work attire from G2000.

Few days ago, i had picnic with my fyp mates. Time passed really fast as all of us had been friends since 18. None of us really changed. Even looks remain. We always do those crazy stuffs and had fun together. Missed those days when we had L4D. Well, all of us grow up and there's a day where we all stop our craziness too.

I had not been visiting my granny since she came back from China. Im going to visit her this wednesday, with ah Xiong. Hope she is well too.

Dear came my house in the morning to have lunch with me. He drove since he was late for his event this morning. All the while he was sitting right next to me, looking at the jobs which i applied earlier. Then came my brother who wanted to have a match with him on : Chess.

Adding some photos now:

Dear and i had udders after picnic :)



Few days ago, i had went out with Dear's clique of friends, hui hui group. Dont really know them 100% well but def more room for improvement in getting to know better of each of them. 

Of course my lovely brother who is now taller than me :x

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