Met up with my flowers

Happy 4th month anniversary Dear! So weird wishing us 4th month where we had actually been dating for going a year -.- Haha, tell me that you felt weird too.

These few days, i will rather leave home during evening time because the weather now is very much, unbearable. The sun cooks us practically everyday. Well, let's embrace summer!! I like summer though. Just the thought of playing under the sun on the beach.... soaking myself under cool seawater. Cool! Not forgetting, spamming lots of SPF everywhere on my body. I like outdoor though. Sweating under the sun once a while might make my skin looks healthier. It's summer baby!

Last 2 days i met my 4F. From 7F becomes 5F. The other two had gone missing. We finally had time for one another another and of course, none of us put on aeroplane. We met at bedok point and had dinner at ezi goumert. The food are not bad but the service sucks. Everyone served us with a black face. They do not deserved to receive service charge. Perhaps they are understaffed but that's not the main reason for giving us a bad day. The management needs to rethink of their customer service. Oh! But anyway, we were supposed to give Ceyi her pre-birthaday present. I know she wanted naked and so all of us agreed to get her naked 2. I was so afraid that she went to buy it days before. But luckily, she didn't. Phew!

Sun mei and Mei ching

Tired face

Last but not least


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