This friday me and Wei Xiong are going to disney on ice wahahaha!! Dear and I had been saying that we wanted to watch a play together and finally we had the chance to! To watch disney on ice together. It may not be the performance he wanted to watch but he did not mind, taking it as a new experience all together. Luckily, Sharon is working in Sistic at this period of time and i asked her to help me booked the tickets. We got the most expensive cat 1 tickets and her boyfriend had helped us to book the best seats too! Thanks her bf for help ^^ The performance starts at 7pm at kallang indoor stadium. Dear said it was to celebrate our 1st month anniversary. Finally a month. -.- Just feel that time passes rather slowly. But then again, if i hadn't asked for a breakup then, we would have ended up 8 months together. Perhaps taking it slow in our relationship will be nice too. 

Today was the card day for Robinson and i felt that there weren't many customers as i expected. I still have slightly little time to rearrange my counter and clean those dirty plates. Those private sales are getting common and more common that the number of people visiting those sales are lesser and lesser. As more shopping malls are being built, i wonder how these retails survive. Today, Dear came to find me and we had Subway for dinner. After i ended work, we were finding sweets to melt the day off. So we came across honeymoon desserts in 313. We ordered desserts worth of $19 ! Can you just imagine the both of us ate 5 different desserts? Its amazing and scary k! 
See! These are the 5 desserts coming to our table :x Sinful

Don't let me see them :x

Hmm, im growing fat :X

It was a very fulling supper. Dear send me home as usual before he took bus back home alone. While travelling home, he told me he was feeling nauseous and giddy! Must be the food we had ate earlier. PLUS bus 5 is travelling at long and curvy distances, it was no surprise that he felt uncomfortable. Rest more dear, tomorrow you don't have to pei me eat for dinner, but if you free we can see each other after my work :) 
Just some random photos just now at the mrt station: 

 Dear no smile, show your monkey face :x 
You better smile in next photo!

Yeah man! We looked good in this photo haha. 

Just nice today is our 1st month dear :) Finally one month? Haha. Let's continue counting to many many years and decades ahead :D Though you are lame but you made me laugh. Though you always bully me but i know you meant me well in certain thing :P Though you made yourself look silly at times in public, but i will still be standing right next to you. Though at times you acted like gu niang, i still find it funny and entertaining :x Though you are slightly taller than me (only by 7cm), I loved putting my arms around you acting like a boy. Though i really acted like ah boy, but please dont call me ah boy, i have curvy body, i am a girl inside my heart T.T Though we are nonsense, we like each other nonsense :x Nevertheless! 
Happy 1st month ^^
Love you lots lots... Muackz :x 

Let's smile and show our teeth once more
The crooked teeth couple

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