1st month is finally over and dear brought me to eat something delicious ! On that very day, Dear brought me to eat Watami at Ion orchard. As he was late, i was given the green light to choose any food i want. As a punishment, i told him that i want eat expensive food :x As time was running out, we settled at Watami. It was just beside burger king in ion and they serve typical japanese food. As time was really tight, i jus told dear that we can order a set meal for both of us. We were hungry and dear hadn't had his lunch earlier that day. So we ordered a lot!
Yeah! Foodie!

We really binged on those food and i ended up late going back to work. It was really fulling that i felt like an inflated ball. After working for 2.5 hours, my end was finally end. Dear was again sitting at macafe drinking his coffee while waiting for me. He told me to wait at ion mrt station and so i waited for him. To my surprise, he was holding a stalk of sunflower on his hand, and gave it to me. A present for me on our 1st month. So sweet, he knew i loved sunflowers. :D 
Its a stalk of sunflower :D
Thanks dear! ^^

I hide you in my big bag sunflower :D 
Train is coming!

Dear sent me home as usual. Though he did not drive, he still inssisted on sending me home. Are all guys like this? But at least, i know my dear is worry about my safety :) As a form of another celebration, dear brought me to disney on ice!! Man... im excited! On that friday, after skipping lecture, i took bus down to visit my granny. She had just operated on her left eye to remove cataract. She has been moody these days as all of us are busy down at work and studies. Time wasn;t the same where we used to visit her every sunday without fail. Now, all of us just visit her on very odd days and at odd time. As each day passes, her soul and heart just  fade further and further away, she wasn't her old self anymore. It could be many things that brought her down. But anyway, i was there to apply the eyedrop for her. After dripping the eye drop for her, i went home immediately and started baking my cake. It was a total failure. So... let's not talk about it haha. 
Finally at evening, dear ended his work and i told him to come my house to bath. We had a tight schedule that day and at 4.3pm, we were still at home preparing. We were supposed to meet Sharon at 5.15pm! Haha, but we weren't too late either. We took our dinner at Nihon Mura and it was my 1st time there. The food was not exceptionally delicious but it was edible. Dear taught me how to order my food and it was easy.

Our drinks :D

Take photo of the drinks, not me :X

Drink Drink, slurp!

Beacon with mushroom

Ramen did not taste good. :(

Dear look: Can we start eating already? :x

Okok, dinner was fast. At 6.30pm, we were beginning to enter the indoor stadium together for the 1st time. :D Excited!! :D We had quite a good view there and waited patiently. When the show began, the audience were still slowly strolling in, could be due to the kids. Outside the entrance, there were stalls selling merchandises of mickey mouse and expensive water and foods. My candy floss cost $15 , that was why i stopped dear from buying -.- 

Photo together :D

After watching Disney on Ice, we went home straight as i had work the next day. 

17th  March 2012

Dear told me that there are some things that a man need to do for his girlfriend, like protecting me, taking care of me. I know you can dear :) Maybe your 'ah boy' acted too much a man at times which made you seemed like you are being protected instead :x I shall be more demure k? :X Hehe. Today, he worked night shift and right now he is inside camp working. This morning, he sent me to work. He was rather blur too after waking up and thought that i had some time (which i do not have) before work. 

He picked me up at 11am and we had our brunch at Pepper lunch!


And then happily sent me off to work. At dinner time, dear brought me to had dinner (breakfast) at wild honey haha. After eating so many good food, i had seriously grow a kg. Though i am considered underweight for bmi, but growing a kg is not something that we skinny celebrate too. I wanna lose that kg! 

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