After another 6 days, my off-ed day had arrived. And today, it was both an off day for me and Wei Xiong. Dear woke up pretty late in the morning because he had errands to run in the early morning. i came to my house for lunch. We all had bee hoon guo tiao which mum cooked. After eating, we visited granny again. Dear accompanies me go to ah po house in the afternoon. I really appreciates his presence at ah po house. After chatting with ah po, ah po hugged each of us goodbye, while i promise to visit her whenever i am free, and bring dear back to see her again when he is free. After that, we travelled to vivocity to have 2 hours of k session. I forgot my student card because it was with ceyi. I had not gone to school today for trading my beauty sleep. But anyway, luckily, the receptionist charged me student rate too!

We sang for two hours for a reason: To watch imob at marina bay link mall :D It was showing transformer: dark of the moon at the lawn and it was our 1st time visiting such a beautiful place. Both of us did not bring a mat along and therefore, we sat on the grass patch. No doubt it wets our bottom, we still managed to stay throughout the movie, which lasted for 2.5 hours. The movie and sound quality were rather good and if there were to have a chance again, i definitely will go back to watch those free screenings, bring my floor mat along.

Dear, thanks for all the things u did today, I felt lucky to have you. You always give in to my wants and needs, but so far, had i done anything for you?

But i know, for a fact, you will always have my warm hands and hugs :)

This is for us!  Taken at vivocity today under hot weather. I love to see you smile :)

Dinner at Din Tai Feng. Ordered the usual. But i was never sick of it :x I took many photos of him instead of me ^^ Just because i hold a camera phone :D

Look how hungry we were. We cleaned up these dishes within 20 minutes!
Sitting on the damp grass patch and getting ready to watch the screening!

Just some other updated photos over this week:

Pepper lunch in the early afternoon is a joy to start off my working day! Yeah! Banzai to pepper lunch!

My lunch :D

On a Sunday morning, We had Old town restaurant for brunch. The prices here were exactly the same as those in Malaysia. The food were still okok. Not very nice, but just nice :)

This was at Newton Circus. We had all these junkie again haha. On that very day, i worked morning because i was told to. And i was released at 7.30pm. Because i used up my an hour break for my lunch, dear brought me to eat here for my dinner. We ordered the usual (expensive) and these made up for our last meal of the day. The foods were still okay, or maybe, we ordered from the wrong stall. But it was still an experience !

Dear worked from morning shift till 7pm and he hadn't  had his dinner until he came to me after work. He had western food for that day and that was his only meal. Luckily i ended work at 9pm, and brought him to have a delicious dinner at ramen play at 313. The store had not closed and so we just walked in. I had already wanted to bring him in to eat since months ago but haven got the chance to. But the chance came yesterday and so i thought, its time for him to try. After long working hours in his camp, he deserved a nice fulling dinner to reward for his efforts :) At ramen play, they served sweet soupy base which is their specialty, as well as other side kicks to compliment your ramen. Overall, dear was satisfied with their food and i know that walking that distance (from tangs to 313) was worth it !

I think he had already fallen asleep 20 minutes ago. Hope he did set his alarm and put his things neatly. Time was not enough today. Both of us know it. I was disallowed to stay out too late as my family is still strict on me. I wasn't like the other girls who was granted so much freedom by their family. But dear, i know u understand. Muackz. Hao bah, time to sleep now, nites readers! *Signing off*

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