I haven been updating my blog for a moment already. Its time to blog again!! A very not happening week though haha. Beside working, its still working, working hard for my bkk trip :D My dear and i haven been watching movie since our last movie: ghost rider. He missed watching movies with me, but sometimes i felt that im just dead beat after working whole day. My dear has been understanding all these while. Thanks dear for sending me home n let me rest in ur car as well as accompany me to eat during dinner. :) my boyfriend is the best! :P hehe. Kiddy right :x Over these days, i had also went to isetan private sales with ceyi to get on a shopping spree. As usual, we bought our clarins again haha. She bought hers while i bought for my dear. Dear told me that biotherm isnt seem working well for him and so i thought that clarins will be better. I said that because firstly, i tried their product. Its was good, very good , but the price worth it all! Dear, time to switch to clarins, throw away ur biotherm :x in the morning, wei xiong has frisbee competition and they got 2nd. He is very sporty, isn't him? Too bad i wasnt there to see him play :(

When he came to look for me at orchard, he was in total mud everything. He just looked like an unkept kid haha. Dirty but cute :x and a nagger who kept telling me not to touch or hug him :( So off we went straight to my house. He bathed and ate up the packet of pastamania which i da bao for him earlier. Then, start to do our pandan cake!! Dear was so playful that he broke an egg yolk and spilled some into the wrong ingredients. The whole process was a total mess haha, with mum nagging at me from head to toe, but i don't care haha. And slowly baking, our pandan cake was finally done! Too bad there wasnt any photo of it. Its failed literally lol . After baking, dear went to my bed n sleep for a while before meeting out fyp preps.

Continuing from my dear..

Hi all.. Since im being tasked by my dear, i should not disappoint her.. i shall finish the story with photos before i sleep.. :)

After i woke up which is around 630pm, dear let me try one small piece of the pandan cake that we made! It is very nice! :D
Afterwhich, we went to the nearby coffeeshop to have our very nice chicken nasi brayani. Although we waited very long for the guy to attend to us, we still manage to eat that. NICE! After we had our dinner, we went to fetch Shiqi to Tiong bahru to fetch WeiTeck ,who is having his dinner with his family, and off we go to Mount Faber Safra for bowling session. As dear had cutted her nails, she is able to play without having to worry that her nails will break!
We manage to play 2 games each before we head over to have our supper at Spize @ River Valley. These are the few photos that we took over there!
The Girls
The Guys

Our Supper!

Delicious Supper but it comes with a 代价. A Summon from CISCO POLICE.. No wonder everyone is saying Singapore is a FINE Country.. Agree? yea... and there goes my 3 demerit points? i suppose.. We shall see..

Anyway, today is a tiring day for me and dear.. Both of us look shag as you can see from the pictures..
My Virgin RamenTen Visit

I met my dear for dinner and i thought i could not make it as there is accident which cause JAM at PIE near Paya Lebar but lucky enough, dear ate at 5:50pm and i also reach at around that time.. :D She had her Chicken Bento Set while i had my Spicy Minced Chicken Ramen. Very Fully Dinner and after that, she rushed back to her workplace while i head to the Mac Cafe @ Shaw House to have my coffee and read newspaper as usual while waiting for her to knock off from work..
After her work, she decided to head back home as she is tired and she surprisingly gave me something...
Paul Frank UxxxxWxxx
Okay.. For you to guess and for me to know.. :X
Thanks dear.. I like whatever things u bought for me even if it is this.. :D Next time show u ok? haha.. Hao bah.. I shall end here.. Time to sleep le.. Good nights peeps! and my dear.. <3

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