After the day of 9 August 2011, out life remained different for a week.. but after a week.. slowly.. unknowingly.. its like reverted back to the life we had 1 month ago O.o During this period.. it has seemingly past months and months... so slow..
2 days ago, it was the presidential election day for the Tans and i had voted my choice in the early 12pm. 12pm is early.. though its afternoon already haha. As playmate got good grades, i bought him a cake! Too bad we did not take photo at all. But its a chocolate nougat cake! It smells so nice that kept us tempted to eat. This cake is from cedele, a cafe which caters for more healthier choice bah. The chocolate cake isnt as sweet as other bakeries shops. Felt healthy after eating it haha. Just psychology thing. So we got down from the car and go fish mahattan to makan. His order: snapper fisg isn't as nice as my dory fish. Regret le bah haha~~ :x
Late afternoon, he had lessons. from 3.30pm to 6.30pm. His banking and finance lecture. Playmate forced me to sit at the corner. And somehow im forced to become a real student of this lecturer as he kept walked around and look at our tutorial work. Oh my god.. i said 'our' tutorial zzzZZzz... I did my part as a student and did all the tutorial qns. The lecturer even came to ask me: can do annot? My god.. someone was just sitting beside me and lagging all the way please! Helpless! I can't wait for 6.30pm to come... Seriously..
Finally the time hit 6.35pm.. we were finally released.. I cant wait yo get out of his lecture. I suddenly felt my would is alive again... We hit down to vivo city in search for foods.. and came to realise that almost all restaurants had long queue. As usual, we just queue at ajisan entrance and waited to be seated. What was so happy and satisfying was that we managed to watch fireworks in this restaurant.. A bird eye view from sentosa.. Pretty fireworks ^^
Taking a stroll outdoor after a meal is also enjoyable. Enjoying the gentle breeze and looking at the lighting's from sentosa. Engaging small chats and keeping the mood light. Luxury! And i love it a lot. When your lips touched mine.. I actually missed it a lot.. just like in the past.. having it back again feels good.. and i almost cried.. but luckily we didnt..  was glad.. really happy..

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