7th August 2011
I met my dear early in the morning for eating 'paper cover chicken' near SIM. It was a pouring day. Yet it did not spoil our mood for that day. The food was delicious and sooo delicious. Dear peeled the paper for me. So happy ^^ Though he was slower than me, but i appreciate him using chopsticks to tear the paper. Looking at him tearing those paper is just so cute and enjoyable :x Too bad i did not have the photos with me. After eating the food, dear brought me to mint museum of toys. Too bad there was a heavy traffic which slowed our progress down. But still, he managed to get me there on time. We weren't late wor dear :) So I paid for the tix where students enjoyed half the price of an adult ticket. And so we went in!! Starting from level 5 to the bottom, we played all the way.. down to level 1. Took hell lots of our ugly pics and some of my ugly pics in his iphone as well. Both of us were just too playful, like we always did. Like kids running and jumping around like no body's business. It was the most enjoyable day i had with him ^^ The place where i wished to go to so much.. and he fulfilled for me.. After visiting the mint museum.. we went to eat some desserts at bugis because my stomach bu zheng qi :x So ended up in a ji de chi desserts store and ended up eating mango ice cream sao and strawberry sorbet. Delicious delicious. Tasting just like his kisses :x So sweet :P And after eating!! Best of all!! He suggested to take neoprints together!!! Im so glad that my bf initiated it to me instead of me initiating such things to him. In my life, whenever i wanted to take neoprint with my ex, he would brush me off and said: siao arh, so expensive. But the only time came when it was my birthday. But my dear... decided to take neoprint with me .. asking me as well.. which is so special.. cos i always thought that guys will never do such things as they deem its childish and not macho. Yet dear is different from the rest. While taking those photos, dear felt scam as he said the machine did not give us time to think what kind of photo we want. Haha. But anyway, the effects were nice and his eyes.. are so enlarged! My eyes look practically like cat's eyes, black and big and scary. But the overall effect is nice. It was also laminated so the photos can last  :)
at dinner, we wanted to go to Old School Timbre but when we went there, it wasn't open so 'Chalk' was another good alternative. They serve bistro. Big potions and yet expensive. But when the foods came, i was kinda of disappointed because their servings were rather petite. However, the foods turned out to be a surprise. Fine dining. We also took some photos at the old school. Retro!! Love those photos!! While at night, we watch 'Captain America' at the Cathay. Then we went home after that. A very unforgettable day with my dear.. These memories will be kept very close to my heart... it will never be erased.. Never....

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