Another week gone by. This week has been busy with Strategic Management 50% weightage of report. Over these days, i had been going to ceyi's house to do our SM project. On and off been stuck here and there and repeat here and there, making our brains growing larger than usual. And tiring as well. At night, we had to rush the intended work of the day and exchange information over Internet. Both of us did not really catch much sleep, but i slept more than Ceyi did. She did a lot while me.. just fulfill my part. She deserved a good rest. 
And finally a week, i get to see my playmate. Yes, playmate ^^ That naughty boy, always repeat my words like parrots, just that he is a cute and black one :x We went to rise of the planets of apes. Starting of the movie was interesting but towards the end... Boring~~~~ How i wished the apes dun speak human language in the movie, but they did, at least for one ape only.I guess.. this type of movie just don't suit me. Sitting there for 109 minutes, we got up and went down to yishun safra. Playmate has bowling practice for he has to participate in a competition in months times. Its coming soon too. All of them are practicing now, so hardworking, and most of them can play well. I should just sit there watch and grow my nails. After having 4 games, both me and parrot just got so hungry that we couldn't stop complaining how hungry we were. And soo..... we had Ichiban Sushi for dinner!! Yummy yummy!! Well, both of us are practically pigs who cannot stop eating the deserts though we were full. As a result, i got so heavy to walk and climb stairs.. and was panting all the way to his little turtle. Luckily, none of us puke ^^ 
When driving, i was thinking if i did add a lot of weight to his car, did i? O.o Am i fat? Haha. At my carpark.. i finally got what i had wished for: A peck from him. Birds peck don't they? :P Haha, yes! Im very bad haha. Though it been almost 2 weeks since our last... the feeling still remains the same... the feeling of ......         

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