9th August 2011.
Happy National Day Singapore. Yesterday was also another unforgettable day with my playmate (my dear). After saying those words to him, we agreed to meet each other until yesterday (a different feeling). A promise. I was so afraid i couldn't keep up with the promise, but luckily i did! And i glad i did, otherwise i would regret for the rest of my life...
My yellow bird came to fetch me from somewhere ( i dunnoe ?.? ) so he was late. He wore a nice blue shirt and berms. A very 男孩子气派 feeling .. which i like most. Appearing with a bouquet of a sunflower and 3 roses (which i knew the meaning of it) and slowly walked towards me, whispering 'Happy 1month anniversary Dear' are words that are so gentle and loving to my ears.

Never mind if he was late, as long as he appeared in front of me ^^ 1st destination was to go vivo to eat bak kut teh, but the stall wasn't open. So disappointing since we travelled all the way there to eat. Yet the stall was close! I guessed the owner was celebrating and getting in the mood of wearing red and white at home haha. So we ended up eating at

Here!! Noodle store haha. It tasted not bad, nice and very very edible! We liked it a lot as well. Adding a glass of watermelon juice after our meals haha. :P After vivo city, our next destination is at PRIVE! A restaurant cum bakery cafe where i wanted to go very much. 
 It offers nice setting, ambiance, food, service, chairs and scenery. Yellow bird and I just walked in and find a place to sit in a corner, enjoying our moments together without disturbance. We order two slices of cakes :

The mango Charlotte and luscious chocolate with peanut butter. The chocolate one tasted better then the mango cake. It is because both of us love chocolates :P We ate, we played at the restaurant. Camwhoring!  
Feed you feed you haha!! 
Hmmmmm..... Yummy yummy, happy happy!! 
The cake is just so delicious to resist. Sorry to keep uploading my photos here, but these wasn't taken by me of cause. Its by my playmate (my dear for yesterday). He likes to take weird and funny photo of me, all my weird photos are with him. With him, i have no image at all already. But it's alright, i have photos of him with no images. Fair yea playmate! 
See his face haha :p
Delicious right!~~ Haha.
As time was running short, we went down to marina barrage to fly kite!! Things that we wanna do as recorded in our iphone. Its our iphone okay? We owned it together! Not mine alone ^^ This period of time, it will be kept with me :) I will keep it by my side always...
Ta-da, we finally reached Marina Barrage!! Took some nice photos there as well. There's a lot of cars there and we were told by the ah ne to drive to carpark B to park his car there. Otherwise we have to stay there to wait until there's a parking lot, as waste of time. But luckily enough, playmate can understand what the ah ne said. Does skin colour of the same really helped to understand what each other's were saying? Haha :p 
Took our our kites and supplies from the the back of his car. Time to fly kite le~~ Yeah~~ Happy happy ^^ The weather was hot, but it was great day to fly. The wind was strong and very easy to get the kite up in the air. I always thought we had to run and throw the kite, but who knows, we didnt' have to haha. 
Our kite :p

The panda was so easy to identify. Haha, fat and yet visible. Even if it was so far, we still could see its location. Time to time we can feel the string got tangled up with other kites, but our kites still remained flying that high up, seems to be unaffected by any obstacles ^^ And also from time to time, we were kana hit by unknown kites which dropped from the air. Similar to bombs that fall without warning. And at a point of time, my bottom was almost lifted up by some other guy kite's string -.- It was so fun.. a great day with my playmate (aka my dear for yesterday haha). 

Some NGs... ...
There are really a lot of funny ones, which i dun even know when it was taken.. So funny.. our expressions.. Just looking at the photos i can jus laugh and smile haha. So funny. Oh my god! Why my face like this sia. So serious flying the kite haha. After 4.30pm, we slowly keep our kites as NDP was starting. So playmate slowly pulled the strings which i reeled in the excess string. So happy happy ^^ After keeping our panda kite, we sat and rest on our kite haha. Had chocolate which he gave me few days ago. 
Eat eat eat.
Okay, End the kite flying session with a nice photo ^^ 

I wanna go back fly again with you, the next time let's get a bigger one shall we? ^^

After kite flying, we had dinner at swensens. Foodie again. We couldn't really decide what we want to eat. But time is running out, we were going to catch fireworks !!! Dinner is a nice and pleasurable one. I drank a lot of water because i felt dehydrated as i didn't drink much the whole day. I almost drank 3/4 of the bottle of water which the waitress provide. After eating, we walked and walked and walked to see where would give us the best view of fireworks. We almost couldn't get to see but in the end.. nothing was impossible. We ended up at the Singapore flyer level 2 balcony, with the rest of the crowd to wait for the moment to come. 

To be able to watch fireworks with you.. is what i never dare to dream of.. With you.. i just felt that there's nothing we could not do.. everything is made possible with you.. And i mean it...   ♥ you.. are the words that i want to say it to your ears again... ...

After fireworks.. playmate (aka my dear for yesterday) sent me home. There was a massive jam at town of cause, as NDP had just ended. At the end of the day.. he gave me lots of intangible items that i kept them close to my heart. Items that we shared over the months, that we wished for over the days. 
Thanks my yellow bird. ^^ Muacks ! The 'things' that we shared and gave each other.. will never never never never never never never never never be erased..
We have each other's words.. our story will continue :)

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