Let me write a long post today, detailing every little things we had done... Dear.. i had made myself clear to you because i dont want to hurt you anymore. Yet both of us know how it feels to be apart for a period of time... Happy 1mth anniversary dear.. This past months.. i have been very happy with you all these while.. The things we shared.. those little cute sweet arguments.. our laughters.. our tears.. lips.. are memories that had already been imprinted in there.. my heart.. I know that no matter what happens.. you are always there for me.. I also want to be there for you when u are sick, when u have headache, when u are feeling tired, u always have my thigh to rest on.. my shoulders to lean on..
The problems lies with me.. To me.. you are almost perfect.. too perfect in almost every way.. your blurness makes me smile.. your smiles make me warmth.. your chest gives me calmness. It is alright if your hands are cold.. it is alright if u are forgetful.. it is alright when you tear in front of me.. I never mind all these.. Remember the things i said 1 mth ago? I just want someone to treat me good that's all. When i finally found you, i have to let you go for a little while. Because of me.. It may be the last day.. but i dont want to say good bye to you.. Neither do i want you to bid me good bye. This word.. i hope will not exist in our dictionary.

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